Teams have now been selected to travel to tournaments in the coming weeks. 

Trainings continue for all squad members.  Congratulations to all squad/team members and keep up the great work.

Year 7 - Coach Sally Bulling
Bridget O'Malley (APS)
Mia Bulling-Eady (QPS)
Rosa McBride (QPS)
Sophie Bulling (SJS)
Bailey Rapata Fish (QPS)
Inge Kemp (QPS)
Eliana Collins (APS)
Jessica Ridgeway (QPS)
Holly McChlery (APS)

Year 8 - Coach Jules Matulino Assistant Coaches Emily Nelson/ Jo Cavanagh
Lucy Wright (APS)
Maddison McDonald (QPS)
Maisie Grufferty (APS)
Rosa McMaster (RPS)
Stella Fraser (APS)
Phoebe Cavanagh (RPS)
Neve Bates (RPS)
Aurora McLeod (RPS)
Primrose Johnston (APS)

Under 14 - Coach Louise Barton, Manager Paula Kay-Rogers

Kaiya Collins

Keely Erskine

Jett Fa’Amalepe

Holly Hanckel

Eliza Herron

Jess MacDonald

Charli McLeod

Sophie McNee

Kaitlyn McKay

Lottie Reed

Olive Watherston