Congratulations to the following players who have been selected in junior rep squads for 2018

Year 7 - Coach Sally Bulling
Bridget O'Malley (APS)
Mia Bulling-Eady (QPS)
Rosa McBride (QPS)
Sophie Bulling (SJS)
Jessica Hudson (RPS)
Bailey Rapata Fish (QPS)
Mia Pagan (APS)
Lyla Cameron (RPS)
Inge Kemp (QPS)
Eliana Collins (APS)
Jessica Ridgeway (QPS)
Holly McChlery (APS)
Tessa Phillips (RPS)

Year 8 - Coach Jules Matulino Assistant Coaches Emily Nelson/ Jo Cavanagh
Lucy Wright (APS)
Annika Thornton (SPS)
Maddison McDonald (QPS)
Maisie Grufferty (APS)
Lucy King O'Donnell (QPS)
Holly McRae (RPS)
Rosa McMaster (RPS)
Luna Wilson (APS)
Stella Fraser (APS)
Phoebe Cavanagh (RPS)
Olivia Key (RPS)
Kokaro Kawishima (RPS)
Neve Bates (RPS)
Aurora McLeod (RPS)
Primrose Johnston (APS)

Thank you and congratulations to all players who were selected to trial for these age levels